Smart Bathroom Design Renovation Ideas

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Bathroom Design

There is an oft-repeated saying in the real estate industry: kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. It makes sense, kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important spaces within a home. Maybe your bathroom is currently channeling the look of yesteryear, If that’s the case, a smart bathroom design makeover can do wonders to improve not only the look and feel of this space, but also add thousands of dollars of value to your property.

With the average bathroom renovation coming in around the $10,000 mark there is a great opportunity to do a lot, for less. Read on to discover some great ways of renovating your bathroom space without breaking the bank!


Renovating for less

A modern bathroom space will add thousands to your property’s value Beginning in the process of renovating a bathroom can be a slippery slope. Before you know it you may have decided upon a whole new bathroom complete with high-end (and very expensive) fittings. However, if you are looking to keep to a budget, as well as get maximum bang for your buck, then a complete bathroom rebuild may not be the right option. This is where the art of smart bathroom design comes in!

Rather than ripping out your existing vanity and installing completely new cabinetry, think about simply changing the cupboard doors and handles. Floor to ceiling marble tiling is a cost-effective way of adding a clean and timeless look to your bathroom design.

Simple, Clean and Sleek

Words like “luxe”, “modern”, and “sleek” are used a lot when it comes to bathroom design. But, how do you go about ensuring your bathroom is all of these without overspending? The trick is to use great design and quality, timeless fittings, and finishes. An engineered stone vanity benchtop can really give your bathroom a modern, high-end feel (without the associated costs). Adding a new benchtop to your refurbished vanity will really lift the whole space.

Bathroom design focal point

Because of the endless possibilities when it comes to bathroom design, it is important to begin by selecting a focal point. Are you going to be emphasizing a free-standing bath or a large ornate bathroom mirror? Once you know what your focal point is, you can start choosing fittings and finishes to suit.


Simple and elegant bathroom design is key A big decision that you will have to make along the bathroom renovation path is choosing your new fittings. A sleek black faucet and bench-mounted basin can really add a touch of sophisticated cool to your new bathroom. However, this look might not work with the rest of the space (or your house for that matter). That is why it is important to keep the overall aesthetic in mind when it comes to bathroom design.

If the renovation bug has definitely bitten, why not speak with us at All Around Construction Services about your bathroom design ideas and goals? We help families in Monmouth & Ocean Counties turn their dream of a new bathroom, into a reality.